AnnouncementsOctober 29 2022, 12:25 pm

Russia Network Category Will Now Focus on the Global National Conservative Alliance

Octo­ber 29, 2022 Ear­li­er this month, we announced that the Russian/Chinese net­work cat­e­gories would hence­forth con­cen­trate more on pri­ma­ry sources than we had in the past. We would like to announce a fur­ther change in the Rus­sia cat­e­go­ry. The GIOR will be shift­ing its focus on Rus­sia from cov­er­age of its influ­ence oper­a­tions in gen­er­al to Rus­sia and the Glob­al Nation­al Con­ser­v­a­tive Alliance (GNCA) in par­tic­u­lar. As dis­cussed in the GIOR report “The Nation­al Con­ser­vatism Alliance: An Oppor­tu­ni­ty for Russ­ian Influ­ence,” the GNCA is cen­tered on nation­al sov­er­eign­ty, cul­tur­al iden­ti­ty, and oppo­si­tion to glob­al insti­tu­tions. Of late, Rus­sia, under its Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin, is attempt­ing to posi­tion itself as the leader of the GNCA, and many coun­tries and lead­ers tied to the GNCA are sym­pa­thet­ic to Russ­ian and its posi­tions. In Europe, the GNCA is being spear­head­ed by Hun­gary under its Prime Min­is­ter Vik­tor Orban, and in the US, it rep­re­sents a poten­tial­ly rad­i­cal change for the US con­ser­v­a­tive move­ment away from long-held Rea­gan-era philosophies.

To reflect the new focus, the Rus­sia cat­e­go­ry is being renamed to Rus­sia (GNCA), and the US cat­e­go­ry com­bined with the new Rus­sia (GNCA) cat­e­go­ry. The US cat­e­go­ry will be delet­ed. We will also be edit­ing both cat­e­gories, retain­ing only those posts rel­e­vant to the GNCA focus. All oth­er posts will be moved to an archive but will still be “live” so that exist­ing links can be main­tained. The “Oth­er” net­work cat­e­go­ry is also being delet­ed in light of the above.  Fol­low­ers of our Russ­ian cov­er­age may have already noticed this shift with our lat­est series of posts. We hope our users will find the new cat­e­go­ry use­ful to them. In the end, try­ing to cov­er the entire spec­trum of Russ­ian influ­ence oper­a­tions was sim­ply over­whelm­ing, giv­en the resources avail­able to us. We are excit­ed about the pos­si­bil­i­ties as GIOR believes that shift­ing the focus will allow us to make a unique con­tri­bu­tion as the GNCA is not wide­ly cov­ered by oth­er media and mon­i­tor­ing organizations.

As always, let us know what you think by way of the GIOR con­tact form.


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