Turkey Reporting on Indefinite Hold

June 15th, 2022 14:59

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the demands of stay­ing cur­rent with Rus­sia-relat­ed news have ham­pered the abil­i­ty of the Glob­al Influ­ence Oper­a­tions Report (GIOR) to ade­quate­ly cov­er the com­plete array of top­ics areas we ini­tial­ly chose. With lim­it­ed resources, we have decid­ed that cov­er­age of Turkey will be placed on hold for the fore­see­able future. We apol­o­gize to any users incon­ve­nienced by this deci­sion, but we wel­come any input as to how we might find the resources nec­es­sary to restore Turk­ish cov­er­age. We will leave the exist­ing report­ing as a his­tor­i­cal archive until we can ade­quate­ly cov­er Turk­ish influ­ence oper­a­tions with­out com­pro­mis­ing oth­er cov­er­age areas.

(NOTE: Turk­ish Islamist influ­ence oper­a­tions will con­tin­ue to be cov­ered in the GIOR Islamism section.)