ChinaAugust 17 2021, 13:39 pm

Chinese Media Cites Non-Existing Swiss Scientist On Covid

Euro­pean media is report­ing that a Swiss biol­o­gist cit­ed by Chi­nese media dis­cussing the ori­gins of the coro­n­avirus actu­al­ly does not exist and that the Swiss Embassy asked Chi­na to take down the false arti­cles. Accord­ing to a Politi­co report:

August 11, 2021 The Swiss Embassy in Bei­jing has said on Twit­ter that a Swiss biol­o­gist recent­ly referred to sev­er­al times by Chi­nese media prob­a­bly doesn’t exist, and has asked Chi­na to take down arti­cles it called “false” news.  “While we appre­ci­ate the atten­tion on our coun­try, the Embassy of Switzer­land must unfor­tu­nate­ly inform the Chi­nese pub­lic that this news is false,” the Swiss Embassy said.  Chi­nese media out­lets cit­ed some­one named “Wil­son Edwards” dis­cussing the ori­gins of the coro­n­avirus and the inde­pen­dence of the WHO. Media sites such as CGTN, Shang­hai Dai­ly and Glob­al Times used the pur­port­ed biol­o­gist in arti­cles based on infor­ma­tion on his Face­book account.  The Swiss Embassy point­ed out his account had been cre­at­ed just two weeks ago, and only had three friends. “It is like­ly that this Face­book account was not opened for social net­work­ing pur­pos­es,” it remarked.

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While Chi­na has a his­to­ry of co-opt­ing for­eign aca­d­e­mics, this is the first time the coun­try is known to have made up one to sup­port its nar­ra­tive about the ori­gins of COVID-19. Recent GIOR cov­er­age of China’s influ­ence in Euro­pean high­er edu­ca­tion has included:

  • In July, we report­ed that Ger­many plans to invest mil­lions of Euros to com­bat Chi­nese influ­ence over Ger­man universities.
  • In May, we report­ed that Chi­na is expand­ing its influ­ence in East­ern Europe using Hun­gar­i­an and Ser­bian universities.
  • In May, we report­ed that a Chi­nese influ­ence oper­a­tive tried to intim­i­date a Slo­va­kian Chi­na expert short­ly after he pub­lished a sur­vey expos­ing the Chi­nese pres­ence at Slo­vak universities.


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