Found­ed in 1987, the Hamas char­ter says that it is “one of the wings of the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood in Pales­tine.” Addi­tion­al­ly, soon after Hamas took over the Gaza strip, Mus­lim Broth­er­hood rep­re­sen­ta­tives trav­eled to Gaza from Egypt through the new­ly-opened bor­der to review Hamas mil­i­tary for­ma­tions.  A Hamas jour­nal­ist has acknowl­edged the role that the “inter­na­tion­al Mus­lim Broth­er­hood” has played in pro­vid­ing funds for the pur­chase of weapons and Hamas is known to be sup­port­ed finan­cial­ly and polit­i­cal­ly by the Glob­al Mus­lim Broth­er­hood. Fol­low­ing a peri­od of seem­ing ascen­sion relat­ed to the peri­od of Egypt­ian rule by the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood, the orga­ni­za­tion was forced to find oth­er state spon­sors after Mohamed Mor­si was deposed as Pres­i­dent. Accord­ing to infor­ma­tion pre­sent­ed at a Sep­tem­ber 2014 Joint Hear­ing of the US House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives, Turkey has been har­bor­ing sev­er­al of Hamas’s top oper­a­tives and also pro­vides finan­cial, mate­r­i­al, and polit­i­cal sup­port for the orga­ni­za­tion. Israeli media has report­ed that accord­ing to intel­li­gence infor­ma­tion, from the ear­ly 2000s until 2018, Hamas con­trolled some 40 com­mer­cial com­pa­nies in var­i­ous Mid­dle East­ern countries.